Thermal imaging technology to be launched at Show

Thermal imaging technology to be launched at Show

In-line with the East of England Winter Stock Festival’s wider objective of helping producers respond to upcoming challenges in agriculture through innovation and collaboration, a range of new technology is set to be launched at this year’s event.

Held on 1 and 2 December at the East of England showground, Peterborough, the Winter Stock Festival will host the official launch of a range of thermal imaging technologies by Miracle Tech, including the first entry-level thermal imaging tablet available in the UK.

The technology, which is new to the UK market, has multiple applications, which include helping to pinpoint the cause of lameness which can prevent unnecessary antibiotic usage on-farm, explains Miracle Tech owner, George Coles.

“In 2014, I was introduced to the idea of using thermal imagery for lameness assessment and treatment, and implemented the technology on the 120-cow beef herd that I manage on the Northamptonshire/ Oxfordshire border,” says George.

The technology helps identify the source of lameness problems and ensures that the correct treatment can be given, explains George.
“The tablet can be used in the field, which means that a quick decision can be made on treatment method without the need to handle the cattle. Since implementing the technology, we have found that very often, cases of lameness don’t require antibiotic treatment and through identifying the actual cause, we have managed to reduce our antibiotic use to almost zero.”

As well as lameness treatment in cattle, the technology also has a range of other uses, says George. “The technology is highly versatile and can be used to determine when a cow is likely to calve, for monitoring bulling heat, and to identify early cases of mastitis. The tablet also has the bonus of being able to run other applications such as farm management programs.”

“I’m really looking forward to launching the technology at the Winter Stock Festival. The event, which is free to attend, attracts visitors from far and wide and is a fantastic platform for knowledge transfer.”

For more information on the thermal imaging products offered by Miracle Tech, please visit here or call George on 07751 414265.

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