Young Stock Person of The Year

Young Stock Person of The Year

What is it?

The Young Stock Person of the Year competition is a national competition, where throughout the summer showing season, shows from across the country host qualifiers. These qualifiers then culminate in a Grand Final at the Winter Stock Festival,  where all of our qualified exhibitors compete to be crowned Young Stock Person of the Year.

Qualifiers are normally in the form of Young Handler classes. There is a beef and a lamb competition, both are open to competitors between the ages of 15-21.

Where can I qualify?

You can qualify for the Grand Final by placing in the relevant classes at the shows mentioned here. You only need to qualify at one show to compete in the Grand Final.

I have qualified for the competition, whats next?

The show you qualify at should hand you a qualification card that must be returned to the Winter Stock Festival by the deadline stated on the card.

If you have lost the qualifying card please get in touch with the show you qualified at, and ask them to contact the Winter Stock Festival Office.

Once we have received the qualification cards we will send out further information by post (Late September), this will include information about the competition, where you need to be and what you need to bring. Therefor it is imperative that we have the qualification card back and filled in clearly!

The Grand Final is split into 2 sections, a showing session and a Q&A session with the judge. This will take place on the 28th November 2020 at the Winter Stock Festival.

What do I win?

Rosettes will be provided to the qualifying shows to be distributed upon qualification

At the Grand Final we offer Rosettes, prize cards and the following prize money;

  • 1st- £60
  • 2nd- 50
  • 3rd- £40
  • 4th- £30

If you have lost your qualifying card, please ask the show you qualified at to request a new set, this way we can quickly verify the qualification and get the cards in the post to you.

Any questions, please call 01733 234451 or email